Introduction of India's leading Print News Agency

IPN-A Group of Media Professionals , which is leading country based News Agency using latest technology in the field of communication. We keep in pace with the technological environment of changing trends and provide easy access to latest news. IPN-NEWS started its activities as News Agency in 2006 from UTTAR PRADESH and rapidly expanded through various channels to all major cities of the country. Due to a rapid acceptability of our methods and accountability, our subscriber base has seen tremendous growth and we have huge number of subscribers spread in ALL OVER INDIA.

IPN-NEWS has revolutionized the up-coming trend setters and we are working towards providing quality news to this country. We constantly keep up with the moving and ever changing technology, also keeping up with the world’s latest technology which suits and also works perfectly in Indian condition. Our devoted and hardworking team of the skilled journalists, experts and technocrats work simultaneously to provide news 24X7 and deliver most updated genuine and quality news.

Our Divisions

  1. IPN-News and Feature Agency
  2. IPN-SMS News Alert
  3. IPN-Weekly news paper
  4. IPN-IPN LIVE(Internet Portal)

Our Collaboration What we offer
  • Unique services of providing breaking news via various channels: print /SMS/internet.
  • News alerts provided to various sections of the society like Politicians, social workers ,I.A.S.,I.P.S. and to other journalist.
  • Provide news material to various TV news channels, news papers, and website blogs .
  • News Columns like IPN Saval-Jawab and IPN Charchit Mudda.
  • News in the best and most preferred form –Composed news and news at a glance,
  • Special features and articles ,interviews of the needed and important pillars of the society,
  • We offer state of art services in providing related and relevant news ,photos, features keeping Uttar Pradesh and its district as a priority ,also providing specific articles written by important pillars of society and also national and international news ,along with other important news materials to various national news papers and other magazines .Also proving the same to various national and regional news channels and also to their web-telecast and web-news.

Our Goals
  • To start regional news agencies in regional languages from every state of India within 5 years.
  •  To release at least five news item of exclusive for the day.
  • To establish virtual private stations in various states of India, so that we could release news materials on national level providing a reliable and fastest news agency for print and electronic media.

 About IPN Live (Internet Portal)
  • IPN-NEWS Live provides News at a glance .To provide news in various categories.
  • Providing news in the hands of people by means of internet .
  • Single portal for all the news across the globe .
  • Portal with special attention towards Uttar Pradesh and all its districts.
We at IPN Network believes in proving world class news materials in all forms both in print and electronic medium without compromising at any level.

From the desk of IPN-Network Team

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